10,000 steps challenge

So, this month I have been mostly trying to achieve 10,000 steps a day. To those who are active in their job or daily life that might sound easy, but for those of us who are sedentary during our working lives it is far from easy. It equates to round about four and a half miles a day or seven kilometres.

Back in January I saw a challenge to raise money for Cancer Research UK and I decided that I would go for it. I generally achieve 70,000+ steps over the course of a week, but about 40% of that total is reached over a weekend. Mondays to Thursdays I can get anywhere from 8000-9000 steps in a day as my daily working life is spent sitting in front of a computer, sometimes not moving for over an hour. I do try to get up and walk around, go to the printer, go and get water, go to the loo, go to make tea in the kitchen, but the reality is that there is work to be done, so I can’t be wandering around all the time! I also set myself a target of getting at least 250 steps an hour, but unfortunately I generally only achieve that on a weekend. Working is seriously detrimental to one’s health in my opinion!

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are much easier to get the total and in fact, far exceed it. On Fridays I finish work earlier than the rest of the week and have time to go more walks with the dog, go to do some shopping, which allows me to get easy steps walking around the shops. I have been parking at the furthest space from the door of the shopping centre so that I have to walk further. On Saturdays, I also have plenty of time to walk the elderly doggy and go for more energetic walks on my own, as the doggy can’t keep up. On several occasions over the last weekend, I had reached my total by midday! I chose not to sit on my backside for the rest of the day, as I could have done, but I kept going, getting more and more steps, getting as many as 17,000 or 18,000.

This means that on Mondays to Thursdays I had to be creative in my quest to get the 10,000 total. I have gone so many extra walks both with the doggy and on my own, sometimes zig-zagging across the road to get some additional steps. I have walked around supermarkets up and down every aisle, even though I only needed a couple of items and while my husband took aaaages picking a beer to drink. I have been dropped off at the end of the road to walk home, walked up and down a train station platform, had extra trips to the gym, bopped along to an 80’s heart-throb, bounced a gorgeous baby all in a quest to get over the 10,000 total.

Thankfully, the challenge is coming to an end this week and it has been a challenge, but one, which I was determined to achieve. I could easily have said that over the course of the week I get 70,000 and just yesterday I smashed the 310,000 step total (31 days in March times 10,000 steps) four days ahead of target. The challenge, however, was 10,000 steps per day and that was what I have (almost) achieved!


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