Fitbit maniac

I decided, after months of deliberation to get myself a Fitbit. I was worried that I would quickly become bored of it, so had put it off for ages and taken advice from several people before finally taking the plunge. As a bonus I got it in the Black Friday sale, down to £79.99 from £99.99 and as a further bonus, I got my mum to give me some money towards it as part of my Christmas present!

My fears were unfounded and I still love it after wearing it for nearly 6 weeks now.I started off putting in every calorie that touched my lips, however, that novelty soon wore off and as I ate more things over Christmas, especially those that were not on the “approved” list I decided I would skip that part for a while….. On the other hand, every other aspect is brilliant. I love that it keeps me focused on getting at least my 10,000 steps per day. On days where I walk the dog at least twice this is easily manageable, but when I don’t I know that I really need to make a concerted effort to reach that target.  I don’t always and I am not going to go out at 11pm and run round the block just to reach the target! ( I know people who run up and down the stairs or walk down the street to get it!) When I exceed the target I love it! The most I have ever managed was walking round Munich recently when we walked everywhere and I managed more than 19,000 steps. I love that it tells me how many calories I am burning just when standing still! I love that it monitors my sleep and tells me that I have an almost uninterrupted sleep when my husband is not there…. separate beds are in the near future I think!

Now that I am back on the wagon, I think I will go back to recording every morsel of food that passes my lips. Even if it is not “approved”.


2 thoughts on “Fitbit maniac

  1. SOooooo glad that I stumbled upon your blog! I bought a fitbit about 6 months ago, didn’t take the time to set it up, put it in a drawer. There it sat, until three days ago. I took it out and connected it to my laptop. The battery is charged, but that’s about it. I was busy and got frustrated, so it’s been sitting on my dining room table — I’ve ignored it.
    We had a blizzard in NY yesterday, so I’ll be stuck in the house again today — wish me luck — determined to figure out that sucker and get going. Thanks for the motivation!

    –Kathy from:

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