The elusive 3 stone

When I started this “journey” back in December I was 14 stone 13 pounds and at some point prior to that had been over 15 stone, but for the purposes of this exercise I used 14 stone 13 as a starting point. The Doctor had recorded 14 stone 13 lbs back in December, and by 3rd January I had already lost 7 lbs, which was pretty amazing over the festive season, I thought!

I decided from 3rd January that I would check my weight every day but would only record it on a weekly basis on a Saturday or Sunday. People advise against weighing yourself every day as you can get too hung up on a pound or two, but I felt it would help me see the immediate effects or, you could say, consequences of what I was eating on my weight. I already knew what I should avoid, but it wouldn’t do any harm to see the effects in black and white (or grey and black as on an electronic scale). It would mean that I could immediately know that I would need to reign myself in and have a well-behaved day and get that pound (or two) off.

I started recording every week what my weight, body fat content and water composition was. According to a few sources a healthy body fat for a woman aged between 20 and 40 (I am still there, just!) is  21-33%. My body fat was 37.4 – not great! For water composition, there are a few different theories, but essentially at age 30-39 your water composition should be 50% and between 40-49 it should be 47%. Mine was 45.6%, not too far off where it should be, but still room for improvement.

Over the first few weeks I could see a definite improvement, losing on average 3 lbs a week.I could also see an improvement on my body fat composition and water. At the end of the initial 8 week “blood sugar diet” period, my weight had gone down to 12 stone 13lbs, body fat from 37.4 down to 32.8 and water composition up from 45.6% to 49%. That was a 2 stone loss – 24 lbs in total and more than my 21 lbs target I had set at the beginning (10% of my body weight). I could hardly believe it and it showed that I was definitely on the right track.

Into March I kept going, losing on average 1-2 lbs per week. Some weeks I stayed the same, others I lost a bit more, but remember that I was not sticking strictly to the blood sugar diet as I had been in January and February. I was still following it around 50%, watching my sugar and carbohydrate intake, but I was allowing myself the odd treat and even the occasional meal out. I knew that I wouldn’t go back to my previous ways, I couldn’t if I wanted to stay on this path. Throughout April, May I carried on still losing a pound to two pounds per week, still improving on the body fat and water composition.

In August, I reached the holy grail of the 3 stone mark! 11 stone 13 lbs!! I even took a photo of the screen on my scales to prove it and sent it by text to my husband to prove it! I could not quite believe it. Unfortunately in order to claim this as a proper victory I decided that I would need to maintain it or better it for at least one week. Needless to say I didn’t manage to maintain it for the next week, so although I did manage to reach the holy grail, I lost grip of it pretty quickly and haven’t been able to find it again!

At the moment, I am sitting at anywhere between 12 stone 1 and 12 stone 7. I do think that your own body knows itself and knows what the ideal weight for it is and maybe my body has found it’s own ideal weight. According to the NHS, however, for my height of 5 feet 6, I should be somewhere between 8 stone 2 and 11 stone. I doubt I would ever see 8 stone anything unless I start down an anorexic route (highly unlikely) but even 11 stone I think would be quite an achievement. I think, if I can get down to 11 stone 6 I think I would be happy. I am giving myself until 3rd January 2017 to get there.




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