My First HbA1c Test and Diabetic Review

The week of my birthday, after having had a night away where I had eaten and drunk pretty much what I wanted, (chips and a half a bottle of Prosecco amongst other things!) I had an appointment arranged with the diabetic nurse specialist at my medical practice. Not the best week to have arranged it, but it meant I didn’t need to take time off work, as I was already off for a week’s holiday.

I went in first thing so I didn’t take too much time out of my day. This appointment was just to get the blood taken and then I would go back in a couple of weeks to get the results and talk through what was happening. The nurse who took my blood told me that she was also a type 2 diabetic, and that it had come as a great shock to her too. We talked about what we were doing to lose weight, she was doing Slimming World and I was doing it myself. I was using the Slimfast shakes, which I tried years ago and never succeeded with, but this time I had an added incentive. I had already lost a stone in weight and it was coming off fairly easily.The nurse said to keep doing what I was doing, as long as it was working for me.

I had my actual review 3 weeks later (after some unforeseen delays in trying to get an appointment such as the fact that only one nurse could do the review and she was booked solid for the next 2 and a half weeks!). I went in to expect to be told that I would need to go on medication and I really wasn’t looking forward to it. Before we got to the results, I had my feet checked to ensure that I could still feel everything (which I could!) and we had a chat about diabetes in general and how I had come to that point. Then the moment of truth. My HbA1c result. Remember it had been 59 back in December so I was expecting around the 50 mark.

45. It was 45! I couldn’t believe it! The nurse told me that if it had still been over 50 then they would have been looking at putting me on medication. As it was going down, they were going to allow me to carry on with my regime of diet and exercise and see if it continued to fall. Oh, how I really wanted to have that Doctor sitting in front of me then and there to stick two fingers up to him and tell him “I told you so”. He had really doubted me and my ability to succeed and I had certainly proved him wrong and would continue to keep doing it.



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