The 40th Birthday Party

I had decided that I would celebrate turning 40. My husband hadn’t really done much to celebrate his and regretted it slightly, so even though I am not really a party person I decided to go ahead and have one. I wasn’t going to have a massive party and I wasn’t going to stress about it. As long as enough people turned up to make it look like the room wasn’t empty it was fine by me. I had found the venue, who would do the catering, I had found a DJ, the cake was organised and all I had to do was have people turn up. Easy!

I decided on an 80’s theme, as that was the era I grew up in and loved the music and the (terrible) style! A friend and I decided to go all out and get 80’s outfits and luckily found loads of suitable stuff in the sale in Dorothy Perkins. Turns out 80’s stuff has come around back into fashion again! (MC Hammer style trousers, bat-wing jumpers, leather skirts, pencil skirts, they had it all!) We spent a good hour or more in the dressing rooms trying on different combinations of outfits before deciding on a leather skirt for me and a bat-wing jumper and a pencil skirt and billowy blouse for my friend. We then accessorised with some finger-less gloves, colourful legwarmers, hair bows, blue eye-shadow and various other accoutrements!

The party itself was a great success, I think! Friends, relations, colleagues (old and new), old school friends all turned out for me and it was nice to see them all mixing together. The food was good, although it was sandwiches, wraps, pies, sausage rolls etc, but I had insisted on some salad and cold meats so at least there were some things I could eat without worrying too much about the carbs. I did indulge in a sandwich or two but was careful not to overdo it. But then there was the cake. Have I mentioned that I love cake? My cake was in the style of Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing With The Stars with four 10 score paddles and lots of stars all over. It was delicious and despite everyone having a piece and giving lots away there was still lots left, so unfortunately I did eat quite a bit of it over the next few days but I kept checking my blood and it was still in a good place (under 7) so I was happy.

Next day I was straight back into the diet (with the odd piece of cake, admittedly) but I really did stick to it otherwise.

Next: My First HbA1c Test and Diabetic Review



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