What’s it all about?

So, I should really have started this blog back in December 2015, as that was when everything changed for me. That was when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, which was the biggest shock of my life.

I have had an underactive thyroid since birth, so have always been on the “heavier” side. I know people think that having an underactive thyroid is an excuse for being overweight, but it really is incredibly difficult to lose weight with that hanging over you. OK, my love of cake did not help. Like Marjory Dawes on Fat Fighters on Little Britain, man, I love cake!

After managing to lose 2 stone back in 2014 by really knuckling down, watching what I eat and starting to do regular exercise, I was unsurprisingly chuffed. I was still overweight, but not as much as before. As happens when you think you have succeeded, you think you can go back to some of the habits of before, and that is where the weight starts to creep back on.

In 2015, even though I wasn’t doing too much different, give or take a few Belgian buns, the weight steadily started to creep back on at a round of 1-2lbs per month. I was still doing the same exercise as before, in fact even more than before as I had stepped it up from one kettlecise class a week to two in about April 2015. By the time I had almost put on a stone by September the practice nurse suggested that I get my fasting blood glucose tested, which surprised me but I wasn’t fazed by it.

It took me until the beginning of December 2015 to arrange to get the test done. It just wasn’t a priority for me, not thinking anything was wrong and with working full-time and it not being easy to get an appointment at my surgery it just slipped down the priority list. The surgery called the very next day asking me to go and get it retested as it had shown slightly high, but couldn’t give me an appointment until 23rd December! Over 2 weeks later! And just in time for Christmas. On the advice of a pharmacist friend, I called the surgery to speak to a doctor (they do a phone screening service, so I got a callback on the same day) and asked for it to be repeated sooner than the 23rd. Could it be related to my thyroid? Could it be a one-off? The doctor doubted that it was thyroid-related and obviously thought I had been googling so was not impressed at my line of questioning but did agree to do a retest the next day.

So, in I went next day. The doctor took my blood and was very matter of fact about the fact that I probably had type 2 diabetes but that we would wait for a second abnormal result before jumping to conclusions. I walked out pretty annoyed, thinking of a lot of things. Like how my week off work was ruined, I had Christmas shopping to do for goodness sake! Like how many lifestyle changes I had made in the last few years and how I was young to have this happen to me. I hadn’t even reached 40 yet!

Next: the Diabetes diagnosis


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